Don’t Have Enough Energy? Take Our Quiz To Find Out Why

Are you growing increasingly tired, sluggish, and downright unproductive as each day goes on?

If you’re struggling with your diet, exercise, or normal daily routine simply because of a lack of energy, there could be a few contributing factors that are hindering your ability to be focused and energized.

Fortunately, your expert online fitness coach in Tampa Bay is here to help you find the root cause and underlying solution for a lack of energy, so that you can train better, work better, and live better.

Thus, we’ve developed the Alchemy Athletics energy quiz, which looks at a few key reasons why you might not have enough energy.

Be sure to rate your responses to each possible factor on a scale of 1-5, and add up your totals at the end. Then, you can send your scores into our online fitness coach to get your own customized solution. Let’s get started!


The top reason why you don’t have enough energy could be traced back to your diet, which is a crucial aspect of your overall health and energy levels. A poor diet with a lack of critical nutrients, for example, can cause several problems. It can lead to you feeling sluggish, taking on too much fat and salt, and even affect your sleeping habits. If you’re looking for more energy, the first thing you should evaluate is your diet. Focus on things like water, lean proteins, carbohydrates, and leafy greens.

Pro Tip: If you’re opting for a low carb diet, consider exogenous ketones as a healthy alternative supplement. Ketones are known to provide the fuel you need to avoid the fatigue generally associated with low carb diets.

Rate Your Dietary Habits

  1. Poor
  2. Could Be Worse
  3. Good, Not Great
  4. Feeling Healthy
  5. Optimal Fuel, Optimal Energy

Sleep Habits

Having a lack of energy could also be traced back to erratic or inadequate sleeping habits. Staying up late, not developing a proper routine, or not sleeping enough (between seven and nine hours is recommended), you could see a drastic decrease in energy while also experiencing an increase in mood swings, high blood pressure, and other serious conditions.

Are You getting Enough Sleep? Rate Your Habits

  1. Poor/Irregular
  2. 4-5 Hours Per Night
  3. 5-6 Hours Per Night
  4. 6-7 Hours Per Night
  5. 7-9 Hours Per Night

Water Consumption

Another healthy source of energy and fuel is a steady amount of water consumption each day. Not drinking enough water, combined with consuming diuretic or dehydrating beverages (coffee, soda, alcohol), can inhibit your energy levels, focus, and concentration. You should drink at least one glass of water per hour throughout the day, and try to reach the golden rule of one ounce per pound that you weigh. For example, if you weigh 170 pounds, you should aim for 120-170 ounces per day to stay hydrated and achieve optimal energy levels.

Do You Drink Enough Water? Rate Your Consumption

  1. No Water
  2. One Glass Of Water, 3-4 Cups Of Coffee
  3. Two Glasses Of Water
  4. 3-5 Glasses Of Water
  5. 8-10 Glasses Of Water

Stress Levels

Believe it or not, your stress level can have a major impact on your energy level. That’s because when you’re stressed, whether it be because of a deadline at work or a troubling financial situation, you are releasing adrenaline endorphins which speed up your heartrate, increase your breathing, and cause your blood pressure to rise. The aftermath of all of these is that you are left feeling drained, and therefore suffer from a lack of energy. Find a few different ways in which to cope with your stress, whether it is talking it out, hitting the gym, or starting a journal. You’ll see the difference in your stress and energy levels almost immediately.

How Well Do You Handle Stress?

  1. Bad – I’m Mentally and Physically Drained
  2. Could Be Better
  3. I Tend To Worry Sometimes
  4. Not Bad, Rarely Stressed
  5. I’ve Learned Effective Stress Management

Activity Levels

You may think that habits or activities which require a larger amount of energy, such as going for a run or hitting the gym for muscle building and weight loss, will leave you tired and have an adverse affect on your energy levels. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, being more active can actually help your cells to receive more efficient blood flow, nutrients, and other benefits which will lead to higher energy levels and alertness. It doesn’t always have to be a rigorous workout, either. Simply getting up to walk about for 10 minutes per every hour you are sitting can greatly improve your health and energy levels.

How Would You Rate Your Activity Levels?

  1. Poor – I Sit All Day
  2. I Take The Stairs
  3. Frequent Gym Trips
  4. I Run/Stand Even At Work
  5. Great – I Live An Active, Energized Lifestyle

Nutrient Deficiencies

Going back to your diet, a lack of important nutrients (and excess of things like sugar, glucose, sucrose, and more icky things) can lead to a nutrient deficiency. These vitamin and mineral deficiencies play a big role in experiencing a lack of energy on a daily basis, which is why it’s important that you understand what exactly you are ingesting with every meal or beverage you have. Keep a close watch on your iron, B-12, and other levels in order to maximize your health and energy daily.

How Is Your Nutrient Intake?

  1. Poor
  2. Could Be Worse
  3. Good, Not Great
  4. Feeling Healthy
  5. Optimal Fuel, Optimal Energy

Lack Of Recovery Time

Now, if you’re the type who lives an active lifestyle, always watches what you eat, develops a normal sleeping schedule, and manages stress in a healthy way, you may be wondering how it’s possible that you still don’t seem to have enough energy. Well, whether you are working out to maintain your cardio, you are aiming to trim fat, or you are training to build muscle for a serious competition, one factor could be hindering your process: recovery time. Allowing your muscles and mind to have a day to rest and recover is crucial for making gains and having higher energy levels. Consider taking at least one day off per week, or at least tone down your routine once or twice per day, to allow your body and muscle groups to repair after a tough workout.

Do You Allow Your Body Time To Recover?

  1. Never
  2. No Pain, No Gain
  3. Occasionally
  4. Frequently
  5. Yes, I Have Built In Recovery Days

Tally Up Your Scores

Now that you know the many factors that might be key reasons why you have no energy, it’s time to tally up your scores and send them into our online fitness coach in Tampa. Then, we’ll evaluate your scores, along with any other fitness and health goals you have in mind, in order to develop a plan which will allow you to achieve maximum energy and efficiency throughout the day. Learn more about the benefits of exogenous ketones, online fitness training, and more exclusively from Alchemy Athletics. We want to help you transform and outperform.