How is personal training delivered online?
Our programs are specifically designed with you in mind. Our trainers design programs according to your experience level and choose exercises which you are comfortable performing. If a trainer includes an exercise which you are not familiar with, you will be provided videos of proper technique and if need be, the trainer may request that you send a video in of you performing the exercise in order to provide feedback.


Does Alchemy Athletics coach individuals through the process of preparing for a bodybuilding/physique/bikini competiton?
Absolutely! Dr. Stewart has himself competed in the NPC physique division, and his great passion lies in working with this population. We will diligently guide you through this process and simplify the process!


How does Alchemy Athletics formulate meal plans?
Dr. Stewart and affiliates precisely calculate calories and macronutrient requirements based on the client’s age, height, weight, training experience, and specific goals. Meal plans are then adjusted throughout the client’s program according to progress and the level of continued online support the client has selected.


Does Alchemy Athletics sponsor athletes, teams, and events?
Yes! Alchemy Athletics is always looking for amateur and professional athletes to represent our brand! Contact us with a detailed resume/cv and an explanation of what you think you can bring to the brand. We look forward to hearing from you… and bringing you on board as an Alchemy Athlete!