Ground Bison by the Pound

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Durham Ranch Ground Bison perfectly seasoned and cooked to perfection!


SOURCED FROM: The Durham Bison Ranch, Gillette, Wyoming

RAISED ON: All vegetarian diet of natural grasses for the majority of time, then grain finished

HARVESTED AT: 20-40 months and between 900 to 1,100 lbs

TASTE IS: The taste of Bison is similar to beef.  It has a coarser texture and slightly sweeter flavor. It does not taste gamey and has no strong aftertaste.  Bison is surprisingly tender when comparing it to similarly marbled beef.

HOW HEALTHY: Nutrient-rich, bison meat is a healthy protein option, often with less fat and calories than other red meat options.  Adhering to a strict no hormone or antibiotic growth promotants policy, all animals are treated humanely.


Alchemy Elite produly supports Small American Farms

All meats are Born, Raised & Processed in America


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