Classes Held at Carlson Gracie Lakeland Jiu-Jitsu

921 Shadow Drive Suite #10
Lakeland, Florida 33809

Tuesday 7PM – 8PM
​Thursday 7PM – 8PM
​Saturday 9AM – 10AM

The Following Fitness Training Class Options Are Available On A Rotating Basis:

Power Yoga balances active sequences of movement and longer holding of poses to build both strength and flexibility in the body. This class is structured to challenge the mind and body by going through a flow of sequences that helps activate various muscles and delivers oxygen to tissues of the entire body. Deep breathing and abdominal exercises work to fortify the core, helping students go deeper into poses. Power Yoga is a great practice for clearing toxins from the system, improving strength, relaxing the mind, and energizing the spirit.


Essential Yoga is a practice that combines breath, movement, and meditation to encourage the individual to become fully present and fully connected. This class goes through the classic sun salutations and flow that help create peacefulness and balance throughout the body. Essential Yoga offers sequences suitable for all levels.


Restorative Yoga goes through gentle movements that help the individual become aware of their body at the cellular level. This class guides yogis through a series of opening postures—loosening tension and relieving stress. By emphasizing stretching the muscles rather than activating muscles, restorative yoga poses manipulate our nervous system in such a way that reduces the influence of our activating systems (sympathetic) and increases the efforts of our quieting systems (parasympathetic) so that we may take rest and restore our mind and body.

For more information on upcoming classes OR to schedule your private yoga class or party,

please contact Maxi Rivera

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Maxi Rivera

Alchemy Yoga, co-founder

 To Maxi, yoga is the process of becoming more aware of the mind/body relationship in a manner that improves an individual’s health and vitality. Postures promote the flow of oxygen throughout the circulatory system and engage both the mind and body. Yoga is not a skill that can ever fully be mastered; it is a lifelong process that is ever evolving. With an extensive background in fitness training and mindfulness prior to getting certified at St. Petersburg Yoga, Maxi has developed a passion for helping guide others in the pursuit of spirituality and longevity.

A native of the Florida Keys, Maxi developed a love for the outdoors at an early age; boating, kayaking, long boarding, and simply relaxing in the sun became staples in her weekly routine. Maxi started engaging in the practice of yoga in the 8th grade. She was fortunate enough to have a school teacher who was extremely spiritual and introduced her to different postures and the practice of mindfulness. To this day, Maxi attributes much of her success and spirituality to her 8th grade teacher and the practice of yoga, and she is beyond grateful for the joy it has brought her.